Who we are

Sponix Tech is a technology company that provides solutions and services which helps broadcasters, TV channels and advertisers increase viewers and enhance fan experience.

The team consists of experts in leveraging the power of video to reach customers, increase brand visibility and create high quality, shareable content, whether in a B2B environment or engaging directly with consumers. Our end-to-end creative service covers the entire video production process, working with you from developing an initial concept, through to offering a full service of pre- production, filming and post-production.

Our unique video content such as player’s Point of View technology (POV) has been receiving attention from all sorts of sports media outlets as one of the most amazing viewer experience in sports television history.

Most of our productions involve 100% level of in-house motion graphics work to add another dimension to the story telling. We collaborate with major advisors to bring complex ideas and characters to life and create content for large and multi-screen displays at big events.

Over the years we have built excellent working relationships with our clients, and pride ourselves on the repeat work and recommendations we receive.