Shaping the Future of Sports with AI

Sponix Tech: Shaping the Future of Sports with AI

Nov 3, 2023

The dawn of artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era across various industries, including sports. Amid the recent AI hype, one company, Sponix Tech, has been leading the way since 2019. Today, their AI-powered virtual advertising solution, SPboard, has received a coveted nomination at the SportsPro OTT Awards in the Best Use of AI category.

AI: More Than Just a Buzzword

AI has revolutionised countless industries, and sports is no exception. Its potential to enhance fan experiences, streamline operations, and maximise commercial potential has substantially impacted. Sponix Tech has embraced AI not as a concept but as a practical solution, where real-world transformation meets sports.

SPboard: A Revolution in Virtual Advertising

SPboard, Sponix Tech’s flagship product, is a prime example of AI’s power in sports. This innovative virtual advertising solution has changed how advertising integrates into sports events. SPboard leverages AI, machine learning, and computer vision to provide dynamic digital overlay advertising for rightholders and broadcasters, increasing their revenue and sponsorship reach.

SPboard eliminates the necessity for costly hardware installations and time-consuming manual adjustments. It seamlessly integrates digital overlay ads into live sports events through remote technology, delivering personalised and location-specific advertising. This equates to increased commercial potential and enhanced return on investment, as advertisements become more precisely targeted to the intended audience.

Pioneers in AI

Sponix Tech’s journey in AI began long before the current AI trend. Their relentless mission was to explore how AI could enhance the sports technology industry. With a team of experts deeply experienced in AI, machine learning, and computer vision, they’ve become leaders in AI-based software virtual advertising.

Amin Moaven Joula, the CTO at Sponix Tech says:

“As technology enthusiasts, our mission was to harness AI’s transformative potential to reshape the sports technology landscape with tangible, real-world solutions. With SPboard, we’ve taken the concept of virtual advertising to new heights, utilising the power of AI to redefine how ads integrate seamlessly into live sports event.”

The Future of AI in Sports

The nomination for Best Use of AI is a visionary glimpse into AI’s future in sports. As AI continues to progress, Sponix Tech stands ready to redefine the boundaries of sports sponsorship, remote sports operations, and ad distribution.

Sponix Tech’s AI journey is ongoing, with a focus on developing advanced solutions in virtual overlays, enhancing fan engagement, and immersive technologies that can adapt to evolving needs. By remaining at the forefront of the AI revolution in sports technology, Sponix Tech opens doors to a future filled with endless possibilities, promising a transformative sports technology landscape.

In Conclusion

Sponix Tech’s Best Use of AI nomination in the SportsPro OTT Awards represents more than just recognition; it marks a celebration of the tangible application of AI in the sports world. In the Best Use of AI category, Sponix Tech, along with other trailblazing organizations, is a beacon of AI’s future in sports—a realm where theory becomes reality, and the sports industry evolves for the better.

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