Alcorcón ADA Partnership Announcement

Apr 25, 2024

Sponix Tech Expands Influence through Sponsorship in La Liga 2

Sponix Tech, a pioneering force in the world of virtual advertising technology, has taken a significant step towards expanding its reach and influence in the European football landscape. The Qatari startup has become the official sponsor of A.D. Alcorcón, a prominent Spanish football team based in Alcorcón, Madrid. Founded in 1971, the club currently competes in La Liga 2.


Strategic Expansion into European Football

The sponsorship of A.D. Alcorcón represents a strategic and crucial move for Sponix Tech. By aligning with a well-established football team in one of the most competitive leagues in Europe, Sponix aims to reinforce its presence and brand recognition in premium European football circles.

Ignacio Alvarez, CEO at AD Alcorcón, highlighted that: “We are very happy to build this partnership with Sponix, an innovative tech company with a strong value proposition. This agreement is fully aligned with our development plans both in technology capabilities and in international exposure and relevance. I am convinced that this collaboration will result in strong mutual reinforcement”

Season-Long Football Collaboration

The sponsorship deal with A.D. Alcorcón spans the entire football season, marking a commitment to consistent support and collaboration. This extended partnership allows Sponix Tech to showcase their innovative techniques and solutions in various facets of the football journey. From immersive video replays on social media channels and enhancing the commercial value of inventories through remote virtual advertising, the technology-driven solutions will be at the forefront, enhancing both the team’s commercial growth and the overall fan experience.

Elevating Sports Media, Marketing, and Fan Engagement

The partnership between Sponix Tech and A.D. Alcorcón unites thrilling on-field action with dynamic fan engagement off the field. By incorporating advanced virtual advertising technology, Sponix Tech aims to significantly boost the commercial value of sponsorship revenues from the club’s home matches.

However, this collaboration doesn’t merely conclude within the stadium billboards. The partnership extends its reach into the realms of sports media and marketing, crafting a multidimensional approach to fan engagement. In today’s interconnected world, modern sports fans are highly connected across diverse platforms. Recognising this, Sponix Tech’s vision extends to integrating innovative techniques across media and marketing channels in La Liga and beyond.

We are excited to embark on this strategic partnership with A.D. Alcorcón. Sponix Tech's multifaceted integration of sports tech products will not only elevate the club's brand but also provide avenues for increased monetisation. The result is a dynamic partnership that creates immersive experiences for fans and maximises profitability for A.D. Alcorcón in the fast-evolving landscape of sports media and marketing.

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