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SPboard tech adds virtual advertisements for sports events in real-time. This technology does not require any additional equipment, special cameras, billboards, or sensors installed in the stadium. It creates a new era of sponsorship in the sports industry, which further enhances the viewership. We help the clubs, leagues, and TV channels sell more digital sponsorship through our technology.

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Slide competitive advantages

No adaptation to cameras and perimeter boards

Purely software-based

Works on any sports field

No impact on TV production

Leverage all advertising surfaces

Different Ads For Different Regions At The Same Time

Slide Potential Services

Slide Virtual Ads Multi Regional Ads Banner Replacement Virtual Signage Virtual Mats (3D Carpet) 3D Sponsor Logos . . . . . .

Slide Why Spboard?

1 Beginning Some tournaments have started using virtual ads from 5 years ago. 2 No Revenue Until now, no broadcasters could have revenue from this new way of sponsorship; 3 Hardware Because it needed to install huge hardware in sport venues to augment virtual ads for different regional feeds. 4 Pure Software With Sponix’s pure software virtual ad technology, it is possible to augment virtual ads in the broadcaster layer. 5 New Era For the first time in the world, broadcasters can regionally tailor their sponsors for global sports events.
6 New Revenue Through broadcasters, brands can speak to their target market in their native language and align their message with regional brand strategy.

Slide workflow

Option 1:

On Site Integration with Broadcaster

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Option 2:

Remote Integration With Broadcaster (Unique Workflow of Sponixtech)

Slide Stadium Clear Feed OB Van Cloud Server Feed With
Virtual Ads

Option 3:

Integration in Downstream (Unique Workflow of Sponixtech)

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