GSIC Summit: Revolutionising Sports Broadcasting with Fully Remote Solutions

May 26, 2023


The GSIC Summit, an annual gathering of GSIC Members and the global sports tech ecosystem, serves as a platform for exploring the latest advancements in sports technology. This year, we were fortunate to witness Sponix Tech’s CEO, Mohammad Ali Abbaspour, take the stage as a keynote speaker. In his address, Abbaspour shed light on the transformative potential of fully remote solutions in revolutionising the world of sports broadcasting.

Unleashing the Power of Fully Remote Solutions:

During the GSIC Summit, Abbaspour shared his insights on how fully remote solutions can forever change the landscape of sports broadcasting. By harnessing the capabilities of technologies such as AI, big data, blockchain, IoT, and broadcasting, sports organisations can unlock new opportunities across various domains, including fan engagement, business insights, smart stadiums, performance analysis, esports, sponsorship, education, health and wellness, and media.

Transforming the Fan Experience:

One of the key highlights of Abbaspour’s keynote address was the potential of fully remote solutions to revolutionise the fan experience. Traditionally, fans have relied on in-person attendance or traditional broadcast methods to witness sporting events. However, fully remote solutions such as SPov that take the original feed and turn it into a Point of View of any player, enable fans to immerse themselves in the action from the comfort of their own homes. Through AI-powered features, viewers can access personalised and interactive experiences, allowing them to engage with the game like never before.

Empowering Sports Organizations:

The talk emphasised how fully remote solutions empower sports organisations to make data-driven decisions and enhance operational efficiency. By leveraging technologies such as Virtual Advertising, teams can leverage their revenue streams and target advertising into different regions and segments.

Revolutionising Sports Broadcasting:

Abbaspour’s address showcased how fully remote solutions are poised to revolutionise sports broadcasting. With the advancements in broadcasting technologies, sports organisations can deliver high-quality live streams and immersive experiences to fans across the globe. Through innovative camera angles, virtual reality, and augmented reality, viewers can feel as though they are right in the midst of the action, creating an unparalleled level of engagement.

The Impact of GSIC Summit:

The GSIC Summit always serves as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge sharing within the sports tech industry and for Sponix Tech. The event enabled attendees to explore the diverse applications of emerging technologies in sports scenarios, paving the way for ground-breaking innovations.

Looking Ahead:

As the sports tech industry continues to evolve, fully remote solutions will play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the future of sports broadcasting. With the ability to deliver personalised experiences, real-time feed implementations, and unparalleled access to the action, fully remote solutions are set to transform the way fans engage with sports.


The GSIC Summit provided an exceptional platform for Mohammad Ali Abbaspour, CEO of Sponix Tech, to share his vision of the transformative potential of fully remote solutions in sports broadcasting. His keynote address highlighted the ways in which these solutions can enhance the commercial sales, fan experience, empower sports organisations, and revolutionise the industry as a whole. As we move forward, fully remote solutions will continue to shape the future of sports broadcasting, creating immersive and personalised experiences for fans around the world.

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