Beginning Cooperation with beIN Media Group

Jan 8, 2021

This is to announce that the cooperation with beIN Sports has officially started today.

With special thanks to beIN Media Group managers to make this happen after months of negotiation and tests, the FA Cup match on January 8 was the beginning of our work with beIN Sports.

By Sponix Tech’s SPov solution, beIN Sports audiences could see the scoring moment from Liverpool’s Sadio Mané eyes. Then, on minute 41’, they were able to know why Aston Villa’s Louie Barry chose the right corner of the goal to score the 1st goal for his team.

The immersive contents were produced at Sponix Tech office with our pure software technology and delivered to beIN Sports studio live during the match.

More to come in the days ahead with new unique content produced by Sponix Tech specifically for beIN Sports.

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