Sponix Tech in Final Round of UEFA Champions League, in Cooperation with RMC Sports

Aug 24, 2020

At the 9th consecutive night, the team at Sponix Tech produced the last immersive video for RMC Sports at the final match of UEFA Champions League 2019-2020. The video shows Di Maria point of view when deciding to shoot the ball.

For each game, Sponix Tech team was creating three to four videos and sending it back to RMC Sports production team. The processing time of creating each video was between 7 to 18 minutes; a great record in the business which shows how much the technology is advanced.

We are so grateful of RMC Sports production team, especially Luc Pannier, Director of Productions and Sport Operations at RMC Sport, for such close cooperation with Sponix Team.

Our unique immersive technology is set to apply in more tournaments and leagues, so stay tuned for more great news.

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