Sponix on FIFA Arab Cup 2021

Dec 14, 2021

In a close cooperation with beIN Sports, Sponix Tech has implemented its technology at a FIFA tournament for the first time.

The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is being held under the provision of FIFA in Qatar between 16 Arab countries.

In this year, beIN Sports applied a new technology for the first time in the whole tournaments: SPov technology, to create player’s point of view. It has brought so much value for the games and attraction for the fans.

Fans now can see the most critical moments of the games from the view of their favorite players.

Saturday 11 of December, Egypt vs. Jordan and Morocco vs Algeria with SPOV technology

There have been four games covered during the tournament, and semi-final and final games are on the way. In total, our technology will be applied in eight matches.

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