Sponix Tech in the first ever Asian SportsTech Report published by SportsTechX

Apr 15, 2020

We are really excited to announce that Sponix Tech is in the first ever Asian SportsTech Report which is published by SportsTechX.

SportsTechX is the #1 source for data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem, with the mission to promote, grow and navigate the global SportsTech ecosystem.

They frequently publish content in form of industry-leading reports, podcasts and newsletters, and appear as keynote speakers at events and conferences all around the world.

Following up the European and North American reports, here is the first of its kind deep dive into the Asian ecosystem full of interesting data and conversations with key stakeholders.

From all around Asia, there are just 4 startups that has been selected and interviewed under Management & Organization category, of which Sponix Tech is the one. Two other ones are from Hong Kong and another one is from Japan.

In the interview, Mohammad Ali, Founder and CEO, has talked about the value proposition of the company, highlights of 2019, and the plans for 2020.

The Asian SportsTech Report 2020 can be reached out in the link below:


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