S.L. Benfica starts using Sponix technology

Jan 11, 2020

First step to entering Europe market by cooperation with S.L. Benfica

January 10, 2020, S.L. Benfica against Aves in the Portuguese Primeira Liga was the first time that Sponix’s point of view technology was used in Europe. Sponix has become a tech partner of Benfica TV in order to produce PoV shots of S.L. Benfica.

In what appeared to be an easy match for top-seeded Benfica, the brilliance of the Aves team made it difficult for them to compete.

In this game, Pizzi was one of Benfica’s most important back-to-backs in a penalty shoot-out, which he scored the first goal for the team. Interestingly, the fans were able to share with him the most crucial moment of the game, and Sponix made it possible to see the viewing angle of Pizzi before kicking the ball.

The game ended with Benfica’s 2-1 win.

The news of Sponix technology was also covered by Benfica TV network across Europe.

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