Sponix Tech is ​​a technology-based sports company that presents unique solutions in the world of sports. These solutions include SPov, SPANO, and SPboard.

The remarkable thing about all of them is that they are all pure software, without any need to install hardware in the stadiums.

They all have been created out of the innovation and creativity of the Sponix Tech Team.

These technologies have opened a new gateway for clients in terms of quality and cost.

With Sponix Tech, you do not need any hardware equipment such as expensive 5K cameras, high tech servers, special digital billboards around the field, and costly infrastructure to install.

How would you like to see the game? You can see the great moments of the game from the perspective of your favorite player. Or, turn around over the field with Spano and see the moment from a new angle.

This is an interesting experience for the football fans. With Sponix solution, you can see what the assistant referee sees when deciding for the offside.

We provide all these services live to you so that you can enjoy football matches to the highest.

With Sponix SPboard technology, our clients can broadcast their sponsor ads to every region in the world without installing any hardware. Regionalized marketing hasn’t been this much easier for the right holders, broadcasters, and the clubs.

Experience the next step in sports technology with us.

Option 1:

On Site Integration with Broadcaster

Option 2:

Remote Integration with Broadcaster (Unique Workflow of Sponix Tech)

Option 3:

Integration in Downstream (Unique Workflow of Sponix Tech)

SPov Technology Production