Incredibly lower costs

Purely software-based

Any match in any stadium

Compatible processing time

Compatible quality; even better

No impact on TV production

Option 1:

On Site Integration with Broadcaster

Option 2:

Remote Integration with Broadcaster (Unique Workflow of Sponix Tech)

  • Spano takes your hands and enters to a more attractive world to watch football.
  • Something you haven’t experienced before.
  • With Spano, it’s up to you to choose the camera angle of the game.
  • This technology, like other Sponix technologies, makes football a more attractive and beautiful phenomenon than it is.
  • With this technology, you no longer have a limited number of cameras in the stadium and you can capture the game from new angles.
  • You can see the offside scene, the moment of the goal and other interesting scenes of the game from different angles.
  • The solution doesn’t need any hardware installation in the stadiums. Our software uses the camera feeds of the game and creates an amazing 360-degree video. The software operator can flow camera in any direction in a significant moment of the match.